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Vendors We Recommend

The Pageant POWERHOUSE recommends to you the best of the best when it comes to securing ancillary services to prepare for POWERHOUSE Week. All of these vendors also sponsor our National and International Prize Packages, working closely with our EmPOWERed 18 (the E18 is comprised of the 6 NAM, 6 All-American, and 6 IJM Queens crowned in November). Best of all, they will be on-site during POWERHOUSE Week offering their expertise to interested contestants and families.

Our vendors are broken down as ELITE and APPROVED. ELITE vendors are top-of-category. They play a very big role with our E18 during their year. They are industry titans and we are proud to partner with them. Our APPROVED vendors are of equal note. We recognize their expertise and appreciate their professionalism and dedication to The POWERHOUSE

Elite Level Vendors

Elite Level Vendors

Click on the images below to expand and learn more about each of our Elite Level Vendors, including how to work with them for this year's event!

Event Affiliates

We are proud to partner with the following businesses as Official Sponsors for The iam Pageant POWERHOUSE.

Approved Vendors

These businesses are APPROVED by the National and International Office as Approved Vendors for The iam Pageant Powerhouse. There represent both service- and product-based businesses. As Approved Vendors, they are given license to utilize our logos and branding in the creation of their products and in promotion of their services.


Please note: any unauthorized usage of our brand assets by unapproved third parties is strictly prohibited.

Hair & Makeup Artists

Hair & Makeup is NOT REQUIRED for any of our contestants. Please ensure you have reviewed and understand our rules regarding hair and makeup. They vary between NAM/AA and IJM. There are also different rules and regulations for our Junior Divisions (Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen, Pre-Teen) verses Senior Divisions (Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss).


Please note: any unauthorized usage of our logo for promotion by unapproved third parties is strictly prohibited.

Official House Artists

We are proud to feature our three Official House Artists. These artists have provided hair and makeup services to their respective National and International Titleholders throughout the past year. It is important to note that our house artists are well-versed on ALL areas of The POWERHOUSE and can provide services to any contestant, regardless of what 'house' she is competing in.


Official House Artist for

International Junior Miss

Makeup by MasKara

Click here to request info

NAM Rose Gold Logo.png

Official House Artist for

National American Miss

Emerie Jones Artistry

Click here to request info

AA Blue Logo.png

Official House Artist for

National All-American Miss

Sammie Paige Artistry

Click here to request info

Other Recommended Artists

We are pleased to also recommend the following artists we know are familiar with our rules and regulations concerning hair and makeup at The iam Pageant POWERHOUSE. Click on their logo to inquire about booking them for POWERHOUSE Week 2023.


We are seeking to bring 2-3 additional Hair & Makeup Artists on-board for the 2023-2024 Season. We are seeking artists who work across the country and globe in order to provide hair and makeup services to our EmPOWERed 18 Titleholders wherever their reign takes them. To learn more about this opportunity, email

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