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2024 Production Number Dress

Each year we have a required opening production number outfit worn during the NAM National Finales. These outfits have greatly evolved over the years and we are so excited to have partnered with designer ASHLEYlauren through the premiere prom & pageant retailer, Ashley Rene's Prom & Pageant, to bring you an exclusive opening production number cocktail dress for the past several years.

This year's production number dress will once again be priced at $275 (if purchased by your deadline) and ordered directly through Ashley Rene's. The dresses will be picked up on-site in Orlando. We do host swap events during the week just in case your dress isn't a perfect fit!

​Click here to order your dress now!

To help you plan for this purchase, we are including the order deadline chart as well as some FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a State Queen. Do I need to buy this dress? 

Yes! All contestants at Nationals will need this dress, including State Queens. As a State Queen, you will have TWO production number dances. One will be in your ASHLEYlauren cocktail. The other will be in a red / pink / white cocktail dress of your choice.

I am competing for the National All-American Title as a City Queen. Do I need to buy this dress?

Yes! All contestants at Nationals will need this dress. As a City Queen, you will be featured at the beginning of your finale in this dress. 

Am I required to purchase this dress? Can I share with another contestant?

This dress is required to participate in the Opening Production Number at NAM Nationals. Dresses are registered. Except for siblings sharing a dress of the same size (only possible if they are in different finale shows; please get in touch with Ashley Rene's directly about this), each girl must purchase their own dress. If you decide not to buy the dress, you will not be included in the Opening Production Number. While this event is not judged, it does kick off the finale. Each year, one or two girls decide not to participate; however, the greater majority will be a part of this production, and even if you opt out of participating, you are still required to be at all rehearsals.

I noticed that there are coordinating shoes and earrings. Am I required to buy those too?

No! While our coordinating line of shoes and accessories perfectly compliment the dresses, they are in no way required. You are free to chose whatever shoes and accessories you'd like to go with your cocktail dress. Please keep in mind that the shoes and earrings offered are the only 'Official' NAM retailers for these looks and products. We are proud to offer these in partnership with our generous sponsors, Stefanie Somers (jewelry) and Diverse Style by Sydni Dion (shoes).

I didn't have a live State Pageant and qualified another way. What's my deadline?

If you qualified for Nationals via The International Photo Contest, the Appointed Representative Program, or the Alumni Queen Fast Pass, your deadline will be Tuesday, August 13. After August 13, you will incur a $50 rush fee. 

I decided to compete for All-American after qualifying through my State Pageant. What is my deadline?

Your deadline is decided based on your State Pageant. Regardless of when you apply for All-American, the deadlines above apply. For example, if you competed at a NAM State Pageant in June but don't decide to sign up for All-American until after August 13, you will incur the rush fee on the dress. Please plan accordingly!

I am no longer competing at NAM Nationals and have already purchased the dress. Now what?

Due to the custom nature of these dresses, they are non-refundable. However, the dresses are transferable. This means that if you can find someone who wants to purchase your dress, you can facilitate the sale and Ashley Rene's will update the name on the order. Please note that neither NAM nor Ashley Rene can help facilitate this re-sale, and we are not responsible for any issues between buyer and seller. You must contact Ashley Rene's directly to arrange this transfer, as dresses will only be available for pick-up at Nationals via the name on the order. Suppose you do not transfer the dress and do not attend NAM Nationals. In that case, you will be responsible for notifying Ashley Rene's directly and paying a $25 shipping fee to have the dress shipped to your home after Nationals. Due to the holidays, please plan on a January 2025 arrival. If your dress remains unclaimed as of February 1, 2025, you may incur storage fees in addition to the shipping fee. Please plan accordingly.

I missed the deadline for September 3 (or September 4 for Indiana and Illinois). Can I still order a dress?

After the final deadline, we can no longer guarantee you a dress of your size. This may mean you will need to alter it to a different size. We host a 'Swap Event' at Nationals, but there is no guarantee you will be able to swap for a dress in your size. The moral of the story is to order on time!

Why are there rush fees?

These unique ASHLEYlauren cocktail dresses are created specifically for the National American Miss. Since they are a unique production, each batch is cut and made to order. After the deadline, there are additional fees for both the production of the dresses, as they then need to be rushed, and the shipping to ensure they arrive in time for Nationals. Remember that your $275 price includes creating this unique dress, shipping it to ASHLEYlauren for quality control, and packaging and transporting it to Orlando. Thank you for helping us ensure the best experience by ordering on time!

We recommend that you purchase the dress once you have completed your application for NAM Nationals. Your entry fees for NAM Nationals will not change, nor will the online payment deadlines. Knowing that the price of the dresses will go up, we recommend taking care of this charge early on!​

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