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Confidentiality Agreement

The following document is our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Why do we have this, and what does it cover?

This Agreement deals specifically with protecting the privacy of our customer’s information. And with keeping our pageant systems separate from other pageant systems.


As a titleholder, you will meet other families. You may trade contact information. That is fine, as long as the family gives you permission to contact them. However, you must keep this information private. It is not appropriate to share anyone’s contact information without their permission.


Similarly, as a titleholder, you will experience what it is like as we produce the events, serve the contestants and families, and host the competitions. It is important that the things that comprise our events remain unique to our events. They must not be shared to other pageant systems.


For example, we do not want the lines to become blurred between our events and those of Miss America, or Miss USA. It is important that each system remain unique.


It's about making sure that the 'behind the scenes' details you get to learn as a Titleholder, the things that make The Powerhouse, The Powerhouse - are not shared. There is nothing in this contract that serves to silence Titleholders or prevent them from sharing their personal ideas or experiences.

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